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The Small Business Administration (SBA) was formed to assist entrepreneurs in growing their companies by gaining access to small business loans by giving financial institutions more incentives to lend money to small organizations. While this is exciting for owners, the process can be complicated, time-consuming, and overwhelming. At Clover Financial, our expertise in handling SBA loan sets us apart from the other options. We have a network of banks that allows us to originate, underwrite, and process SBA loans quickly and efficiently for your business.

Working with Clover Financial gives you an experienced industry professional in your corner.

Clover Financial works with you to determine what loan program is right for you and helps with every step of the process. We partner with the UGA/GSU SBDC to provide a quality and well-constructed loan request package for maximum benefit and success through the SBA loan process. With over 20 banks in our network, our goal is to save you time and energy.

SBA loans work for a multitude of business purposes, including:

Purchasing Inventory

Add Working Capital

Refinancing Debts

Acquiring Equipment

Buying Real Estate

Financing Business Acquisitions

We value your time and
are dedicated to our clients.

While banks may be enticed to lend you money with guarantees from the SBA, getting that loan on your own is a complex, drawn-out, and confusing process. Financial institutions will want to review your credit, see your collateral, and evaluate all of your financial statements. The loan application process is lengthy and stressful. Clover Financial can help with this process, identifying ways that the banks will view your business favorably, determining which SBA loan is right for your organization, and shortening the time to get approvals.

Selecting the right commercial lending company
for your financing needs is an important decision.

When it comes to commercial financing, it is our job to get results. We understand better than anyone that the right loan is critical to the success of your commercial real estate project and your business. Clover Financial is your one-stop-shop for your commercial lending needs, and with our tactical planning, knowledge of current market conditions, collaborative solutions, and expert advice, we make the typically complex process of commercial financing as uncomplicated as possible.

Our team knows how to get the job done,
from the first meeting to post-closing procedures.

With Clover Financial assisting in your commercial lending needs, you will have the tools to finance and complete your income-producing real estate project successfully with an array of SBA loan products available.

Are you ready to learn more? Clover Financial presents cloverloans.com, your ultimate source for commercial real estate financing with hundreds of participating lenders offering the best rates and best terms.